Hydraulický olej HM 46 (L-HM/HLP)-180 kg

Product nr. : HM46
Brand: Orlen Oil
Price w/o VAT: 6 300 Kč (252 €)
Price with VAT: 7 623 Kč (304,92 €)
Availability: On Stock (11 ks)

Hydraulic oils are designed for use in highly loaded hydraulic systems of industrial machines and equipment, in construction, transport, agriculture, etc. HM hydraulic oil is designed for power transmission in hydrostatic systems and for driving hydraulic equipment, ie in hydraulic transmissions, control and regulation Mechanisms and other equipment operating in harsh working conditions (pressure up to 25 MPa in gear pumps and up to 35 MPa in piston pumps, elevated temperature.

Standards, specifications:
DIN 51 524 part 2 - HLP
ISO 11 158 - HM


Product designationHM46 (L-HM/HLP)
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C (mm²/s)44,2
Viscosity index103
Flow point (°C)-30
Flash point (°C)227
Resistance to foaming - Sequence I (ml)30/0
Weight (kg)180
Pack sizeSud 205 litrů

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